Exchange 2007 Message Filtering not working


OS: Windows 2003 R2 x64
Software: Exchange 2007

Problem: We have configured the antispam so that we get the antispan tab in Exchange Management GUI. We have also set up a spam account to hold the spam. However, the message content filtering doesn;t seem to be working. For our POP3 accounts, we have spamassassin set up, so all spam messages from these POP3s state in the body some standard text. We set the filter up for this, and it isn;t filtering any of them. Is there something further that needs enabling that we've missed?

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Greg BessoIT Solutions EngineerCommented:
After a while of going batty, found that the logs directory that gets created by default at...
C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\TransportRoles\Logs\AgentLog\
Did not even exist.

Ran the "uninstall-AntispamAgents.ps1" file...
Reran the "install-AntispamAgents.ps1" file...
Restarted the transport service as required, and then the directory was created. Also, any settings I had configured were maintained and actually started working.

I had lowered my content filtering and other items earlier in attempt to get something working, so luckily noticed a legit mail in quarantine and went and corrected quickly.

orbic1Author Commented:
Hi - thanks for responding

Yes, we've done all of that. Everything is configured and active, its just the content filtering that doesn;t appear to be working.
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Safelist Aggregation
In Exchange Server 2007, the Content Filter agent on the Edge Transport server uses the Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 Safe Senders Lists, Safe Recipients Lists, and trusted contacts from Outlook to optimize spam filtering. Safelist aggregation is a set of anti-spam functionality that is shared across Outlook and Exchange Server 2007. As its name suggests, this functionality collects data from the anti-spam safe lists that Outlook users configure and makes this data available to the anti-spam agents on the Edge Transport server. When an Exchange administrator enables and correctly configures safelist aggregation, the Content Filter agent passes safe e-mail messages to the enterprise mailbox without additional processing. E-mail messages that Outlook users receive from contacts that those users have added to their Outlook Safe Recipients List, Safe Senders List, or trusted contacts list are identified by the Content Filter agent as safe
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orbic1Author Commented:
Hi - thanks - read.

It all appears to be configured properly but it just isn't working! Is this a standard thing that anyone has come across before?
Greg BessoIT Solutions EngineerCommented:
same here. It's really performing horribly. I have keyword viagra, for example, and still comes right through.

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