Error using CreateUserWIzard:

I  am using ASP.NET and VIual Studio wih forms authentification.

I have customized the Create user wizard to look and feel as I need it.  The problem is that I get this error message when I run the page:

CreateUserWizard1: CreateUserWizardStep.ContentTemplate does not contain an IEditableTextControl with ID UserName for the username.

The issue is that I got rid of the username field.  I want to make this their email address.  I also changed the security question field to a drop down list of predefined values.

I am pretty sure I can use he Membership object to add the user.  However, how do I override the original code of the user wizard to prevent this message.

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traxionConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will need to write a custom membership provider to accomplish this task.  You can implement and inherit from the existing default membership provider, however, you must know that the functions contained within are marked "MustOverride" so you will have to overload them in order to implement some of your custom functionality.  The actual code is too much for the scope of this article but here are some good tutorials for creating your own custom provider:,guid,3b6ccb3f-2f2a-4dcb-a414-605371a00618.aspx


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