Can't view Word/Excel Documents Within WebBrowser Control

I use the Webbrowser control to display Word,Excel, and PDF files within an Access form.  To do this I call the Navigate function and set the URL to something like:
FILE://c:\my folder\myExcelFile.xls

Normally this works fine.  However, I just tried it lately and my Word and Excel files open up in a standalone window, yet the PDF files stay within the browser control.  I suspect that it's got to be either IE7 or Office 2007 (or both).  Does anyone else have this problem?  And how can I make it work the way it used to?
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DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Database ArchitectCommented:
Well ..  I would almost suggest decompile ... but I'm not hopeful for this issue :-(

There is an issue with A2003 and a full install of Adobe Acrobat .... wherein it puts that PDF toolbar on all Office menus.  Turns out that creates a bizarre problem under certain conditions in Access. Thus solution is to uninstall that toolbar from Access ... witch fortunately ... is a separate part in Add/Remove programs ... you can remove it separately from Access and leave it in the other office apps.

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