Certificates in Win 2003 sbs

I have recently installed win 2003 small business server,which includes exchange 2003, isa server,sharepoint etc.

I have set up a domain and clients,all of whom r running win xp pro.

I have bought a SSl Turbo certificate from Go Daddy. To set it up,I need to specify the type of web server.

What shall I put in this section? Microsoft Internet Information services 4.x,5.x or 6.x? How do I find out which is the correct one for me?

What wud b the steps to installing the ceritficate in my environment,after I have downloaded it?ie: where all do i need to make entries etc?

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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyConnect With a Mentor Principal ConsultantCommented:
You'll find EXACT instructions on how to install the certificate here:  http://sbsurl.com/ssl

AmritashAuthor Commented:
AmritashAuthor Commented:
Hi, Can I delete the dummy web site after installing or must it b there and running?
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
You can delete it.
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