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We originally had an MSA30 directly attached via a HP6400 controller to a HP DL380. We upgraded the storage and are now using an MSA1500 instead of the 6400. All of the arrays and partitions were detected by the new controller and the volumes came up in Windows with the same drive letters etc. One issue however, for every partition connected to the MSA1500 we have a duplicate "unknown", "uninitialised" disk in disk management. Every time you open disk management it prompts you to install and initialise the duplicate disks but when you do you get an error "The operation did not complete. Check the system event log for further details.", guess what, there's nothing in the event log!

Every array subsequently created on the controller gives up 2 disks, one that will initialise and one that wont. Is there a way to remove these rogue disks and stop duplicate disks from being detected? As ever, all help and suggestions greatly appreciated.
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ezatonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you use multipath solution? Is your server connected to the storage by more than one path? If so, this behavior is normal, although not desired. You need to install a multipath solution (can't think of anything for Windows right now, but there are solutions) and the duplicated will disappear. The storage won't let you access the 2nd appearance because it's on the 2nd controller.

If this is not the case, we can investigate into it further.
sumptyAuthor Commented:
I think this is the issue. We are in the process of going to multipath and hadn't quite got there. At present there is a second fibre controller installed in the MSA1500 and connected to the SanSwitch. We are waiting for a second HBA card and Switch so that must be the issue. Many thanks, it was dring me barmy.
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