tomcat 5.5 with SSL

  I want to implement Tomcat5.5 server with SSL access in my office for an application developed by our office. Server will be accessed from internet by our clients. Currently we tested the application on http (Port 8080) and is working OK. Now before final release we want to implement SSL (Port 8443). I could get some of the documents and guidelines regarding implementation of the same. But could not succeed. Can any one explain the detailed process of the above.

Thank you.
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I've done this on Windows, with Tomcat 5.5, Java 1.5

Using the command shell:

Goto $JAVA_HOME\bin>
* This supposes you have your websites in C:\websites\localhost\
* and you have a keystore folder below websites (not in a webapp of course)
* keytool -genkey -alias tomcat -keyalg RSA -keystore c:\websites\keystore\.keystore
* edit server.xml
    * uncomment <Connector port="8443" />
    * Add a path to the key in the connector: keystoreFile="C:\websites\keystore\.keystore"
    * This results in something like this:

<Connector port="8443" keystoreFile="C:\websites\keystore\.keystore"
      maxThreads="150" minSpareThreads="25" maxSpareThreads="75"
      enableLookups="false" disableUploadTimeout="true"
      acceptCount="100" scheme="https" secure="true"
      clientAuth="false" sslProtocol="TLS" />

* Restart Tomcat
* test: https://localhost:8443/
* in the end you might want to change the ports to 80 and 443 in server.xml
Be sure to loose tc-native.dll, it is said to break SSL.
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