Using kixtart to modify HKLM keys during user logon

I am trying to set some HKLM keys using a logon script with kixtart. The problem is that I cannot modify the HKLM hive without Administrator privledge so I am looking for a way to run the "Writevalue" commands in the kixtart script with Admin privledges even though the user logging on has only normal user privledges. Is there a way to temporarily dur these commands as Admin during the execution of the logon script.
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You can use a *startup* script through a GPO or local policy. A startup script runs in the System context and has the necessary permissions to alter HKLM keys. In this case, the startup "script" would be kix32.exe, the parameter your kix script. Or you can use a batch script with a regedit.exe import or the reg.exe utility.
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