Cisco Routers Log IOS 12.3

Is there a kind of audit log in cisco routers ? e.g if i want to know when route has been added or removed is it something possible ?

Specificly  IOS 12.3
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You can enable adjancency changes"

Router bgp 65000
bgp log-neighbor-changes

router eigrp 1
eigrp log-neighbor-changes

router ospf 2

To log when a route is added or d eleted you can turn on debug for that rouing process,

enable logging for debug messages
logigng buffered debug
debug ip bgp updates

you could also narrow it down with an acl

access-list 1 permit  (BGP peer
debug ip bgp updates list 1

all routing protocols have a debug mode for routing updates.

-harbor235 ;}

Jan SpringerCommented:
If you are referring to configuration changes, you could use rancid ( to backup and diff your changes.
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