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We are adding a remote site with a T1 line and 10 employees. We have our home site with a DSL connection and 40 employees. Our home site has a WIndows 2000 server we are upgrading to 2003 R2 and using Active Directory. We are adding a 2003 R2 server to the remote site. I am trying to figure out the best way to connectt e 2 sites. Should we keep 1 domain and replicate across the internet every few hours, should we create a totally separate domain and keep both sites under one tree, or is there some other option we should be looking at? I would like to allow anyone to go from one site to another and be able to login without having to maintain multiple accounts, but I am not sure how other places do this. Thansk for the help.
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carceneaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a couple ways you can do this...

1. You can keep one domain, set up AD replication sites for your two different locations. The plus side of doing this is that if one domain controller goes down you still have another one you can use to authenticate. Also, doing it this way you only have one list of user accounts and passwords.

2. You can have a domain for each site  and set up a two-way trust between the two domains. In this configuration, if someone came from the remote office (or vice versa) to your home office when logging in they would have to change the domain selection to their domain. In this configuration, however, if the domain controller went down for that domain since there would be no backup domain controller you'd better hope that you had up to date backups of the domain controller because you would have to reconfigure the entire domain.

I would probably choose to stick with the single domain for redundancy issues and ease of operation. If you have any questions just let me know.

Hope this helps!
bluetabConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Stick with the single domain and DC in both offices as carcenea mentioned.  You may want to upgrade your HO DSL line to a T1 as well.   You will need to setup a site-to-site VPN between the two offices.  There are several routers out there that will do the site-to-site VPN including Cisco ASAs, SonicWALL, Juniper, and Netgear.  If you don't have a DC in both offices if the Internet goes down in one of the offices your VPN will drop and the Remote Office will not be able to authenticate to the HO and access files on their network.  
judsoncollegeAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys.
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