WPA on Cisco 1130AG

We are looking to set-up a Cisco 1130 AG that we want to set-up using WPA without an external Radius server.  Is this possible with this device?
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Cyclops3590Connect With a Mentor Commented:
So you mean you want to do WPA-PSK?

The 1130AG can do pretty much any of the authentication/encryption methods on the market right now from what I've seen.  I have the 1240AG's in my sites and they use the same IOS so I feel confident it'll do what you need as to the authentication/encryption of wireless
why dont use radius? Its really good! :)

Use WPA2 instead of WPA!
Vista Client can handle it...wxp clients needs a update!

there could be some reasons for that.  If its a network used by mobile users that come and go; non-corporate where you can't reliably authenticate everyone with major administrative overhead of adding the client everytime.  Also, WPA is more compatible as of right now as well.  Heck in some places, depending on the devices used, WEP has to be used.  But its hard to tell since we weren't given much information to work off of.  However since it was stated to not use a radius server, I'd have to bet nwcc_seattle doesn't have control over all of the clients.

However I do agree with your sentiments that if you control the configuration of the clients and the devices are capable of it, us WPA2/AES with 802.1x.
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