BSOD 0x000000B8 during XP Install

I have an Intel DG33TL motherboard and a Core 2 Duo E6320 with 1 GB (2x512) of DDR2 memory.  When I install Windows XP Professional, after the inital setup and the computer boots into the setup GUI, the computer gives the STOP message 0x000000B8.  I changed out the hard drives, the memory, the power supply, the video card, and even the optical drives.  After playing with the BIOS, I turned of the "Enable Core Multiplexing Technology" feature and the computer installed Windows XP just fine.  I then installed the driver CD that came with the motherboard and had no problem.  I went to enable the Multiplexing Technology feature again, and the BSODs started again during the Windows XP boot.  What is going on?  I checked with Intel's website and the processor I am using is fully compatible with that motherboard and I have already updated to the latest BIOS.  Am I missing something?
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That setting turns off one of the CPU's cores and makes it act like a single core processor. Usually you would have to do this when running an OS that doesn't support multiple processors. XP pro does support multiple processors so after you have changed out most of the hardware,this would mean you could have a faulty motherboard or a faulty CPU.

s2000loverAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, the processor is bad.  Now I have to RMA the thing!  Why can't Windows just say "Your processor is bad???"
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