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Dual Mode Camera on XP: Not passed Windows Logo Testing

"Cameras" seemed the likeliest place to ask this question, even though it's about a Vivitar Mini Digital Camera.  ;)

My wife picked one of these up and took some test shots with it. Now I've installed the driver (good ol' Mars Semiconductor software) on XP, but when I hook up the camera via USB the application (called marscam.exe, or "MY CAMERA v. 2.03", or MarsCam Application) says it can't connect to the camera.  Naturally, of course, XP is jumping in and offering to install software for the newly detected camera, so I click Yes.  After a few moments, I get the error:

"The software you are installing for this hardware: DUAL MODE CAMERA SL310 has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify its compatibility with Windows XP."  It then explains how the software could possibly lead to OS problems now or in the future.

The camera's packaging indicates compatibility with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP.  The driver appears to be part of the MarsCam application (???), located at C:\Program Files\MARS\MR97310.

Anyone have any experience with these cameras or with that particular error?  I'm not looking for a judgment call on the quality of the camera's imagery (I'm not expecting great things), but rather some guidance on whether it's safe to install the software.

Thanks for any guidance!

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2 Solutions
The drivers are ok; that happens with windows a lot, just click "continue"  It will happen with most devices/drivers you install.
agree, I get these messages installing nvidia drivers for my nvidia card yeah its windows xpsp2.
Funny OS.
If you experience any problems after installing the drivers then simply try a few from the selected list of drivers available.
Or even try updaing them let it search for updates.
system devices your product/ drivers update from the internet.

Galisteo8Author Commented:

I reverted the system to BEFORE I ran the CD install, then plugged the camera in and let the XP auto-recognition process manage the whole thing while the CD was still in the drive.  That got XP to acknowledge the camera -- WITHOUT throwing the error -- although it still didn't show up as a drive.  So I still had to go back to the CD Setup program and "install drivers" again in order to get the MarsCam Application to actually interface with the camera.  That seemed to do it.

That covers the main issue. However, now that I've got it working, I've discovered another...

If anyone's familiar with these cameras, they can be controlled through the MarsCam app as a PC camera, like a webcam, so you can aim it and take pictures "live" while the camera is.  So, although I can now access the pictures I've taken... I still get a blank, dark feed when I switch to the PC Camera mode.  Any help for that?
Galisteo8Author Commented:
Never mind!  I had a chance to test the little bugger again, and PC mode works just fine.  (And by "fine" I mean "within the expected capabilities of the camera").  :)

Thanks for the suggestions.  Since, as TC mentioned, the drivers were in fact "okay", and, as Merete mentioned, "letting it search for updates" gave me the idea to start over... I will split points.

Thanks again!
cheers Galisteo8 and thankyou
Regards to you
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