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Currently We have a sever which store documents (5 million approximately) like word, excel, .msg files etc, users access those documents using hotlinks. We have copied all the documents from current server to a new server on windows 2003 server running iis 6.0.

The current server running apache will be decommisioned very soon.So our plan is when a user tries to access the old server we will change the dns to point to the new server.

Say for example link to current servers is http://domino/marketing?docid=102345-item=4545, so when the user tries to access the link ...we like to grab the docid from query string then modified the url to some thing like this
http://newserer/xxxxx/xxxx on the fly. What woyuld be the best way to achieve the same
this is wahat our requirement for now...will update if requirement changes

I was thinking of using isapi_rewrite filter.....but not sure that is the right direction for this requirement
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paradoxengineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What you need - under apache - is mod rewrite. A quick search turned out a lot of results for iis too:

Some of those software are freeware or available in demo mode so you can test them before deploying.
port_blair2001Author Commented:
Apache server will not exist, we will be pointing DNS name to new server.
when a user tries to access a link on apache it will be redirect to the new server on the dns level.
In the new server running on IIS i want to grab the requested URL and modify it
I understand you are using IIS: as you might see clicking on the url I provided, they are referring to IIS versions of mod-rewrite, i.e. exactly what you need.
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port_blair2001Author Commented:
> Apache server will not exist, we will be pointing DNS name to new server.
you need a virtual web server on the "new server" responding to queries for the "old DNS"
this is done very simple using apache, which then redirect or rewrites to the new server
(sorry not sure if IIS can do that out of the box too)
how to do it depends on the very package you are using. You have to configure a virutal server as ahoffmann points out, then use one of the packages I pointed you to in my first post. Syntax will change a lot, but you can easily figure it out from the docs of any of those softwares.
port_blair2001Author Commented:
I ended up using helicontech isapi_rewrite
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