I want to build a server with Anti Virus protection !

Dear Experts,

i have a network, i want to build a new SERVER just for ANTI VIRUS.
that mean, im want to make an file server and anti virus check the files and make allow to users to receive it from server ( protected with Anti Virus ).

i dont have problem to buy products for license, but i think norton corporate edtion is good program, any way im waiting to hear solutions from you guys.

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justchat_1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You would need to run a proxy server on your server and have the clients connect through it...most of the antivirus solutions suggested here will scan files and websites as they pass through the proxy server
Symantec Corporate Edition works well for this, the only problem is that the client app is resource intensive and can have a performance effect on slower and older machines.  AVG corporate edition from grisoft.com also works well.  Both these products can have the server force AV updates to the clients.  
Symantec is usually thought of as bloatware in the anti-virus world.  Therefore the performance decrease will not just be on older computers-your better off with AVG corporate or avast server.
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An ideal solution for this is Sophos SAV which seems to work well.  Have a look at:

I'm using Bit Defender to protect all my network ... and my 2 files servers. Really good price and this AV have a huristic scan so I think it's the best solution.


If you come from Canada, SecureIP Solutions provide license :) and I think they are the only provider in Canada
tourajamAuthor Commented:
You guys didnt understand extactly what im talking about, it was from my english.

i said i want to know HOW TO BUILD a SERVER with ANTI VIRUS PROTECTION.
when my clients using internet, it first check the files over the receive files and then let them to clients to view this or save it!

i hope you guys understand what im talking about.

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