TNS Listener not running - Oracle Error

Seem to be getting intermittent errors while trying to connect to my Oracle 10g database, installed on my laptop. both server and the TOAD client GUI run on the same machine. I have tweaked the tnsnames.ora and the listener.ora to either or  computerName and tried but no luck. Windows XP - is the Operating system. All services /are running as checked in the Services folder of the Control Panle in windows.  Can anyone help me please . many thanks in advance.
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Check this Accepted Solution by paquiba, to see if it helps you, on january 26, 2007 in this website:

I would start to modify the hosts file with the Ip address of the db's and their host name.
Also the OMS host name added and the name of the host of the repository if not in the same server.

Also on the node you are monitoring the ip address of the OMS and the repository and their Ip address must be added also.

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Your laptop uses the DHCP protocol ( Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol ) to connect to the internet. In a DHCP setup, the software tracks IP addresses, which simplifies network administration. This lets you add a new computer to the network without having to manually assign that computer a unique IP address. However, before installing Oracle Database onto a computer that uses the DHCP protocol, you need to install a loopback adapter to assign a local IP address to that computer.

The loopback adapter means that Oracle will function regardless of whether the laptop is connected to the network or not

Follow the steps in the link below on how to install the loopback adapter and then re-install Oracle. I've implemented this "fake IP address" workaround several times and always works.

Hope this helps!
go to command prompt :
start > run > cmd > lsnrctl > 

issue :
lsnrctl > start
lsnrctl > status

copy and paste the result of the error and also paste your tnsnames.ora
Check if there are any firewall issues blocking ports
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