ERROR 11 (HY000): Can't unlock file (Errcode: 11)

Hi there,
Is it true that problems related to error 11 are most likely bugs in MySQL?

I have a query involving a union statement with a group and order by
statement around it. The total data that has to be handled by the union
statement is in the 100,000 or millions rows. I am using Windows XP with
mysql 5.0.37.

This problem doesn't occur when using less data. It has occurred numerous
times in past couple of months with different queries and also myisamchk and
I found some information on the web that made me believe this is related to
a bug in MySQL. Now I am getting to a point where I am getting annoyed by
this and trying to find workarounds.

So, my question: is there anything I can do? Has anybody else this problem?



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Aleksandar BradarićSoftware DeveloperCommented:
> Is it true that problems related to error 11 are most likely bugs in MySQL?

I've not had such an impression. As far as I know, `error 11` is related to problems with file access in general. Whether a file was already in use when MySQL tried to access it or the file got too big - it was always file related. Maybe someone else had a different experience...
BAJ05Author Commented:
how can I find out which specific file access operation is going bad on my Windows box?
Aleksandar BradarićSoftware DeveloperCommented:
Not sure I know way - you'll have to watch and see. In your case, it could even be that you're having problem with temporary tables if the error happens _only_ when you retrieve large amount of data from the DB. You can try breaking up that query in two or more parts to get a better idea which data it is...
BAJ05Author Commented:
And what is the role of the external-locking directive ? Does this have anything to do with this?
Aleksandar BradarićSoftware DeveloperCommented:
I don't think so.
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