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Hi: I have two laptops in my one room which are connected with the 4 port router. I have SYSLINK router which is connected with the modem.  I have three desktop computers in the other room which are not connected with the internet. My question is how to i connect the desktop computer with the modem or router. The modem is provided by the cable company and for another modem i have to pay extra charges per month. Is there any way if i buy another router and both router can be talk with each other?

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Very simply a switch is like an outlet strip. It allows you to plug in several devices to one outlet. If you add a second router you can have issues with the computers being able to network together unless you configure the second router to act like a switch. That is why I recommended the switch. All you would need to do is connect it to your current router and plug the other computers into it.

Any brand should work.

A wireless switch or access point will work as well.
Hello mustish1,
All you need is a network switch. Then connect like this: Modem - Router - Switch - computers in other room
                                                                                                                      - laptop one


mustish1Author Commented:
Thanks. Can you please tell me the difference between router and the switch. Also do i need the same linksys swtich or i can buy any brand. Also if i buy a wireless 8 port switch can i connect 8 computers with that switch and all 8 can access the internet as i have 4 port router?
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