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HP 6122 deskjet printer prints blank pages from most programs

Installed a HP 6122 deskjet printer with Windows XP computer.  Will print pages from the Internet just fine.  But prints blank pages from Notepad, Adobe PDF, MS Word, etc.  Have reinstalled twice and done several troubleshooting options.  Tried a tip about DEP setting and that didn't work either.  Need the solution.
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I have read other people having this exact problem, but I haven't seen a site with the solution yet. A KB article at MS might be useful troubleshooting: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/163551/

Highlights I saw:
Try printing from WordPad or Notepad:

This tests the printer driver. If it prints correctly, the problem lies with the program. However, this does not mean that Windows is not involved. Windows may not be running a particular printing command that the program requires. See the "Program" section of this article.

If it does not print correctly, the problem may be in the printer driver. Try the following items:
"      If it is a PostScript printer, load the Apple LaserWriter NT driver. This is a very basic PostScript driver and using it will determine whether the problem is related to the particular PPD file for the printer.
"      If the printer is non-PostScript, load the Generic/Text Only printer driver. This is a very basic driver and using it will determine whether the basic printing stack is working properly.
"      If it is a plotter, load the Hewlett-Packard HP-GL/2 Plotter driver.
If the device does not print with the basic drivers, see the "Printing Stack" section of this article. If it does print, see the "Program" section.

Printing Stack
1.      Verify that the Winprint.dll file is present. For additional information about how to verify that the Winprint.dll file is present, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
105247 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/105247/EN-US/) Err Msg: There are no Print Processors... Creating a Printer
2.      Refresh all the printer files. To do so, remove all printers from the Printers folder, delete all the files from the Winnt\System32\Spool\Drivers\W32x86 folder, and then reinstall the printers.

NOTE: If you are using a Service Pack, reinstall the Service Pack before reinstalling the printers.
3.      Check the available space on the hard disk. If there is not enough room to spool the job, print jobs may fail.
Oh, and if nothing in my previous post helps you fix your problem, would you please post what you tried for the DEP thing step by step. Thanks!
Trying printing from other computer
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tyjklioAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply.  If I move the printer to another computer, and then bring it back to my regular computer the printer should work?
No. That should have no effect. He is simply trying to narrow down whether it is your computer or the printer that is the problem, but I can tell you with 99% certainty that it is your computer based on the information that you have given. There are either device driver problems or stack problems as I described in my earlier post.
tyjklioAuthor Commented:
O.k., I have to admit stupidity in hope it will help someone else.  I was following the steps and loaded the missing winprnt.dll file and did some test printing.  Then realized I could print things in color.  My problem and solution is to replace the black ink (!)
Thanks very much for your assistance.  You can close out this trail.
Forced accept.

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