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List All Images Used In Articles From A Content Management System

Posted on 2007-07-22
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-24
Can someone help me with what I think is probably a simple solution?  I simply want to create a list of all images used in articles from a content management system.  So I need to start with

<cfquery name="GetArticles" datasource="myDB">
Select * from myArticles

Loop through them...

And produce a list like


I know I need a regular expression but can't seem to come up with the logic to put it all togther.

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Question by:SiriusPhil
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Expert Comment

ID: 19544462

How about this?    you have to exchagne the imageFile in your query with the real column name..

<cfoutput query="getArticles">

>  I know I need a regular expression but can't seem to come up with the logic to put it all togther.

I think you've left out the details of your question that may lead someone to think of a regular expression.   We don't know what data you have in your table and if  "/images/image1.jpg" is in a column of your table, you just need to display it as I've shown.  

If there is something else you're looking for, please update with more information about what it is you have and what you want..


Author Comment

ID: 19544486
There can be many images in each database entry.  The image tags are stored in the database field along with a ton of other HTML.
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Expert Comment

ID: 19544624
Something like this...   (not tested)

 This should find the image tags (<img>)

 <cfset locations =  refind("<img[^>]*>", theHTML,  1,  TRUE)>

 refind (when using TRUE at the end) will return an array of positions and lengths..

 <cfloop index="i" from="1" to="#ArrayLen(locations.pos)#">
   #Mid(theHTML,  locations.pos[i],  locations.len[i])# <br>
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Accepted Solution

Scott Bennett earned 2000 total points
ID: 19549798
Here is a function that will return an array of the values within the src attributes of all img tags in your string. Currently it requires that all the src attributes be enclosed in quotes ("), but it can be modified to look for single quotes as wellif needed.

<cffunction name="FindIMGs" output="true" returntype="array">

   <cfargument name="text" type="string" required="yes">
   <!--- Define local variables --->
   <cfset var results=ArrayNew(1)>
   <cfset var pos=1>
   <cfset var subex="">
   <cfset var done=false>

   <cfloop condition="not done">

      <!--- Perform search --->
      <cfset subex=reFind("<img[^>]*>", arguments.text, pos, true)>
      <!--- Anything matched? --->
      <cfif subex.len[1] is 0>
         <cfset done=true>
              <!--- find src attribute and get its value --->
               <cfset srcA=find("src",mid(text,subex.pos[1],subex.len[1]))>
             <cfset srcB=find("""",mid(text,subex.pos[1],subex.len[1]),srcA)>
             <cfset srcC=find("""",mid(text,subex.pos[1],subex.len[1]),srcB+1)>
             <cfset srcValue=mid(mid(text,subex.pos[1],subex.len[1]),srcB+1,srcC-srcB-1)>
         <!--- Got one, add to array if it's not ther already --->
             <cfif not listfind(arraytolist(results),srcValue)>
             <cfset arrayappend(results,srcValue)>
         <!--- Reposition start point --->
         <cfset pos=subex.pos[1]+subex.len[1]>

   <!--- and return results --->
   <cfreturn results>

<cfset IMGArray = FindIMGs(MyArticleContent)>

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