How to manager users in Quickbooks 2007

I recently purchased a 3-user license of Quickbooks 2007. In order for me to take advantage of the 3 simultaneous users I must add them. I'm aware that there will be 1 admin account that manages everything. How do I manage the users and from which pc? The way I have it setup is that there is one server machine that hosts the quickbooks file and the other 2 act as client machines which can be logged in at the same time.
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The administrator can log in from any PC to make changes.  I would suggest having three normal accounts and then just use the admin account to log in to make changes but you can do it however you feel like.

The only inflexible thing is having the one computer hosting the datafile.  The server doesn't need to be logged into QB for the other computers to work or even for the administrator to log in (when things work right).
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