how to change Graphic card ID?


i have a software installed on my computer which running correctly if and only if a specific Graphics adapter installed. it depends on a specific ID for graphics card! .. if i tried to alter the card the software do not run!...  is not there a way or a tweak to bypass this check.. or to virtually change the new graphic card ID to the old one ID, and how can  i  view this unique ID which the software publisher use?

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Jose ParrotGraphics ExpertCommented:

Blunded software checks for the hardware which it was sold with.
OEM software aren't exactly the same executable of the boxed ones.
For example, some Sound Blaster Audigy2 versions come with two games (Tomb Raider "The Angel of Darkness" and Rainbow Six 3). Although these games don't require Audigy as mandatory sound card, these copies do. Some good ATI and Gforce cards bundled games also will run only with them, the same for the Nero Express sold togheter with CD recorders.
So, if it is the case, there is no way to make the software to run in other than the bundled hardware.

☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
I think you already have the answer here but for completeness it would be useful to know what hardware and software you are dealing with.
Jose ParrotGraphics ExpertCommented:
You can see the ID card by using debug, if yours is Windows (except XP x64).
Start->Run: debug
A DOS like window opens.
You see 8 lines of hexadecimal numbers, and, at right side, ASCII codes. There you read "IBM COMPATIBLE" and other texts and dates (probably). This is the unique ID of your graphics card. This is not RAM, this is ROM. It cannot be changed.

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