Runtime error 340 Form_Load event

I have a program on my PC written in VB6 (MySQL database) that works when I run it here.  I used INNO SETUP for deployment.  The first form that pops up is a Login Form.  For one of the users, the following error appears after she hits the Login button.

       runtime error '340'
       control array element '1' doesnt exit
       Form = frmMain    Event = Form_Load

All other users can log into the system with no problems.  I uninstalled the program and reinstalled it and now all Userid's work.  Should I be concerned that this might happen again?  How would I best go about debugging issues on a User's system, as I could not recreate the error on my system?
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Hitesh ManglaniCommented:
the best way i guess is to use error handlers in every sub routine, in the error handler open a text file at a particular location and then log the important parameters and the error message. This will help you in getting the error without the need to recreate it.
inkineuAuthor Commented:
I do use error handles, ON ERROR GOTO ... , but that would not give me the line where the problem occured.  Is there a way to pickup the line?  My error routines display a message with the Subroutine name, error code and description.  Thanks
When an activex control is regstered by an installer, this is (optionally) applied to all users in the All Users registry hive or local machine. Some installers will register it only to the user who is installing it.  In this case, I would suspect there was an issue with the user's profile.

I wouldn't worry about this too much, it might happen again - but then this is just normal run of the mill
problems installer apps have to deal with.

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