Remote assistance software. VNC, Crossloop, One Click VNC. Are any skinable or brandable with company info?

What is your favorite remote assistance program? Ive heard rave reviews about One Click VNC and Crossloop. Any positives or negatives about these. Also, for tech support, are any of these brandable or skinable with your company info so they look a little nicer for client?
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Cyclops3590Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I've used RealVNC only before, so when I said "like VNC and requires far less bandwidth" I was referencing RealVNC only and from my own experiences.  Just wanted to make sure there wasn't confusion about what I meant when I kept referring to VNC.  As I'm sure there are other VNC implementations that are better than RealVNC; like it sounds UVNC is :)
Honestly I'm going with MS's built-in remote assistance.  It shares the screen like VNC and requires far less bandwidth than VNC (e.g. when connecting with mobile users over slow connects).  It gives a chat window so you can converse.  Also if you are in a domain, you can configure your helpdesk group as experts and make it so they can offer assistance as well.  Also, the user can configure the request with a password if they want (only issue is they need to communicate that password to you).  And the RA request can expire.  Gives just a tad more security to the remote assistance process.  However I didn't see where/if you could make sure the RDP was encrypted where I'm sure you'd be able to do that with VNC.

I was planning on doing RealVNC before as I needed something that would share the screen.  However I'm not sure about the other VNC's you listed, RealVNC didn't ask the user to accept the connection (so they may not know that you are connected), no chat window which can make things interesting when trying to talk and you don't want to use the phone, and there was no good way for the user to request assistance.  By that I mean they can send an email, but then you have to track down their IP info in order to login to their computer.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
My first choice is remote desktop, but that is not what you are asking. Remote Assistance as Cyclops3590 suggested, is a good alternative but I find the performance poor, just my opionon.

I do use UVNC's SingleClick. Works great. Yes, you can brand it and customize it. A common problem with many apps is a port needs to be opened on the client end. Single click does not require that. I also find clients like the fact that nothing is installed on their PC, and they have to initiate the conection, maintaining security of their system.
ricardoperezvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you will work on the LAN , Remote desktop is the solution. is Windows embeeded.
If you want another free software VNC is a good choice , but if you need use the remote control across internet , i suggest a another softwares with better bandwidth manage, as Logmein or Gotomypc. Both has evaluation program , really you will love when you test it.

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