VB6 upgrade - not defined ?

I get a build error "A.defines not defined" in my conversion project. The .NET (2003) upgrade wizard created  a new module:

Module UpgradeSupport
      Friend A_Defines_definst As New A.Defines
End Module

A.Defines are found in A.dll which is referenced as a COM lib rary for this project.

I checked the reference and the definition and they are all correct.

Why am I getting a build error ?

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I've not used the upgrade wizard, but that error usually means that an Imports statement is missing.  Just including a reference in the project is not enough.  You will also needs a statement on the following lines

   Imports A

right at the start of the module file - even before

   Module UpgradeSupport

If the reference is in the project, I would expect Intellisense to offer you the option of A - that is, the relevant dll name - to select as soon as you've typed "Imports"

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