Hi... Does somebody know what the purpose of the DBMS_REPCAT_INTERNAL_PACKAGE? And how to use it. Is there an example? I spend days to find it on Internet. Please, healp
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DBMS_REPCAT is used for replication purposes. Here's the Oracle link
mkushelmAuthor Commented:
The DBMS_REPCAT package is different from the DBMS_REPCAT_INTERNAL_PACKAGE package. Also the DBMS_REPCAT package is not wrapped. So you can read it in the DBA_SOURCE view and realize what this package for and how to work with it. Also there is a description of this package in the Oracle documantation. The  DBMS_REPCAT_INTERNAL_PACKAGE package is wrapped. So you can not read it in the DBA_SOURCE. Moreover I could not find any description of this package on Metalink and on Internet. Any way thanks for your respond... Regards...
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