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Frontpage Problem.

I seem to be having a few problems in frontpage 2003.  I have created a table and it keeps moving.  I seem to be having really trouble getting the table to not move.  The best way to explain this is if you visit www.bristolwoodcrafts.com and click through the pages you will see each page is slightly different.  I have adjusted each page so as the pixels are the same but that doesnt seem to make a difference.  can any1 help?  Cheers, ziggles.
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William ElliottSr Tech GuruCommented:
as opposed to loading all that information over and over again in newpages, i would suggest using inline frames. this should resolve your spacing issues as well.
zigglesAuthor Commented:
please explain what inline frames are? Thanks, Ziggles.
If it is the same pages - DWT should be used instead of frames if you are worried about search engines.  A DWT can easily be created from Frontpage

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You have common menu on each page, but on the majority of pages you have menu without borders, on few there is border (e.g. page "Types of wood").

For pages which have common content there is a tool called Dynamic web templates. It exists in FrontPage from version 2003, in Dreamweaver many years longer. Using DWT:
- you have always the same look of menu on each page
- if you want to change something in menu, or in you brown "lines", you make it only once, on the template. FP automatically changes other pages.

You can learn something about DWTs on the Microsoft Office website (very easy articles!):
- create: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/frontpage/HA010775891033.aspx
- change: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/frontpage/HA010830191033.aspx

Or, all together:

There are other tables which "jump" a bit - those on the right side in the online shop. Did you speak about them?

zigglesAuthor Commented:
I have visited the microsoft help articles but it does really make sense.

I have created a .dwt with the body as my editable region.  When I open a page and attach it the whole page gets inserted into the region which aint no good.  Do you understand where I'm coming from?  

Cheers, Ziggles.
zigglesAuthor Commented:
I think I might of cracked it.  Is it possible to change the menu down left hand side all at once or do I have to adjust it one by one?

when you introduce DWTs at this point, you have to change each page :-((

You have to delete all the content except the main content of the page. Deleting cells with parts of pages with content which is repeated in DWT is not enough, because it leaves a table with one cell - your main content.

I would for each "old" page:
1. with cursor placed e.g. on the title "Bristol Wood Crafts" go to Table menu > Convert > Table to text
2. delete parts of the page which I will not need
3. attach the template (I prefer just dragging the dwt file from the folder list to the page instead of using Format menu - it is faster...)


we was obviously thinking about the question in the same time... I didn't see your answer before writing mine :-((

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