YARP = yet another resolution problem

i'm at my dad's trying to fix his monitor. everything was fine until his niece came threw every im app and other stuff on his computer. when she left he attempted to take it all off and somehow screwed up his monitor resolution. he has a widescreen monitor with a recommended res of 1440 x 900. it's a gateway fpd1975w.

he bought the gateway computer new so everything was configured and he had his resolution of 1440 x 900. now we can't even choose that resolution.

i went to gateway looking for the driver but it looks like it's a standard xp driver. make sense? i couldn't find the driver and gateway was pretty confusing as i looked through the support section.

so i installed a gateway program called eztune... it installed the app and asked to restart. we did, xp came up and looked for whatever driver the monitor used and couldn't find it.

so something is up here. any ideas?

before i try, let me ask,  can i use the xp disk and reinstal all the monitor drivers?

any website with good instructions on how to work through this?

thanks for any help you can give!
tony miceli
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SheharyaarSaahilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
look for your video card driver on gateway support site, uninstall your video card from Device Manager and then reinstall the newly downloaded drivers.
its a video card driver issue and not the monitor's.... :)
tjazzvibeAuthor Commented:
yeah that's what i did. i get confused with monitors. i finally figured out what video card my dad had, found it on gateway. it was an ati but when i did a system report with belarc it came up empty. sooo i figured that out and then FINALLY got to the driver on gateway. installed and immediately the resolution was fine. the question is, how did he lose the ati driver?

anyway all is fine now. thanks for your help.
may be while cleaning up the system he removed a driver file or a related registry key.
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