Batch Image Rotation Based on Orientation

I have a lot of large TIFF files. between 10 and 100 MB, and about 1000 files. They are scanned images of technical drawings, and I need them all to be oriented in a landscape format. What would be the best program, preferable free, that would allow a batch conversion of the images to make it so that they were all in landscape format, but without having to manually select which images need to be rotated.

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trh01Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The requirement is a rotation conditional upon the diagram being in portrait orientation, when the correct orientation is landscape.    Adobe Acrobat will do this.   Under "Document - Rotate Pages" - you can select which orientation of page you want to rotate - you can select "portrait" pages only.

Of course the next question is - does that work on TIF files?   Well, its a bit clumsy, but you could bundle up the files into convenient groups as multipage TIFs, import them into Acrobat - do your rotating - then export them again as individual TIF files.   Its messy, but it indicates the principle of the job, if you are not up to these clever scripting solutions proposed by others.

Incidentally, if the TIF files are between 10 and 100Mb each, and they are presumably all in black and white like most drawings - they need Group 4 compression applied just to reduce their size and make them easier to move about and manipulate.  You can do that conversion on a batch basis also - with a program liike IrfanView.

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Hi KevSC1
there's a few good selections here check them all out
look at Batch It! Ultra v3.971 (Shareware)
Batch It! Ultra is an automated batch imaging editor which allows you to resize, rename, rotate, slice, create thumbnail galleries, add captions, acquire images from scanner and more. It Load JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PCX, PNG, TGA, PBM, PGM, PPM, GIF, VDA,...

Do you know if there is EXIF data showing what orientation the image is in? Some digital cameras do indicate this, but since we're talking about scanned images, I am guessing not?

If there's no data to show the orientation, there would be no automated approach. What I would suggest is having human eyeballs review image thumbnails, and move those needing rotation into a separate folder. Then you can run batch software on all in that folder, saving the results back to the original folder.

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KevSC1Author Commented:
No, there is no EXIF data, I guess what I was looking for was something that would look at the width and the height of each image, and determine if it was tall or wide, and if it was tall it would then rotate it to a wide (landscape) format.

So, essentially you need conditional rotation, if the image is taller than it is wide, rotate 90 degrees?

This could be done with ImageMagick (, using a little scripting. It could also be done with the GIMP and it's scripting language, script-fu (

Unfortunately, I do not have sufficient scripting skills with either of these to be able to assist you in stepping through the process.
you can do this easily in Windows XP. View them in thumbnails view and select all the drawings and right click the drawings you will have the option rotate clockwise and rotate anticlockwise. In order to achieve this you should have Windows Picture and Fax installed on your machine.

Let me know it works?


The asker said... " but without having to manually select which images need to be rotated."

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