Disable language bar through Group Policy in Citrix Environment

Hi.. We run citrix presentation server 4.0, with 4 citrix servers, with a published desktop that users connect to through a thin client. Citrix servers have windows 2003 server on them. Lately several users have been having problems with the task bar. When they log on there task bar has been realigned so that an open window is over the right hand side, and when opening multiple windows (not similar), since it has been aligned to the right, all the windows are underneath each other (similar to when you have group similar windows together option). To overcome this I have logged in with the specific users account with administrator rights and unlock the task bar, remove the several instances of the language bar that have opened, realign the task bar, lock it, and log the user off and remove admin privledges. This solution works for a day or so, but then it happens again. When I did the above process this morning for a user, I did not lock the task bar so that if it happens again, they can realign it themselves, but I still saw several instances of the language bar open for these users. Is there a way to disable the language all together through a group policy as it looks like it may be causing problems on the task bar.
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chrisnewman01Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Depending on the version of Office you have, you could download the .adm files for Office at http://officeupdate.microsoft.com.  You may have to do a little digging around on that site or search for it.  Once you download the .adm package, import these .adm files into your GPO (or create a new GPO called "Citrix Optimizations" and import the file(s) -- within your Citrix server OU).  The main Office .adm file has the setting to disable the Language bar.  

OctogonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I had this exact problem when I upgraded my Farm to PS4.0. I logged onto the console of each of my citrix servers > control panel > Regional and language options> languages > details >advanced and tick turn off advanced text services.
This worked for me, where the GP didn't.
tezza80Author Commented:
I have not had a chance to try the new GPO yet, but will try as soon as I can.

Octogon: I logged onto the console of all servers and advanced text services was already off. When logging onto the console, the language bar is never there, it's only when users log on.
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Octogon is correct on the method to get rid of it but unfortunately it is stored in the profile per user.  Has anyone found a way to push that particular setting via GPO?
Citrix has posted a support article on how to do this.    here is the link.
The accepted answer is [partially] incorrect.  There is no option in the Office 2007 or 2010 administrative templates for either computer or user configurations that disable (or enables) the language bar.  The only known way to control it through group policy is either through registry modification and/or unregistering the DLL files associated with the language bar.
I found this online.  Basically, all you have to do is open Notepad, paste this into the document, save it as <anything>.adm, cut/paste the .adm file into %windir%\inf, open Group Policy Editor, right click Administrative Templates under the User Configuration section and left click on Add/Remove Templates, click Add to browse to the .adm file you created.  After that, you'll see the new section but you won't immediately be able to see the new item to control the function.  You need to click on Administrative Templates (just to highlight it), click on the View menu, and then click on Filtering, then uncheck the box that says to only show items that can be fully managed.  After that you'll see the new item.  I haven't had a chance to test it yet, but I will very shortly since this is a feature I've been looking for, for quite a long time.


CATEGORY "Language Bar Adjustments"
CATEGORY !!DisableLangBar
POLICY !!DisableLangBar
KEYNAME Software\Microsoft\CTF\LangBar
VALUENAME "ShowStatus"

DisableLangBar="Disable the Language Bar"

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