PC Computer shuts down after a few minutes running

PC operation. Experiencing a problem when starting up my computer. Once the power switch is pushed, the computer powers up okay. After a few minutes, it shuts down. The period of time it runs can vary. The longer it turned off, the longer it will run before shutting down.  There was an electrical storm a few days ago. I realize that may have caused the problem. I don't understand the different amount of time (minutes) that the computer will run before shutting down. I'm thinking Power Supply. Any ideas? Thanks, Jim
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PUNKYConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Might be the power supply as you thought so, try a known good power supply if you have around see if it helps.

Post back when you can.
SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It could also be an issue with overheating.

I would open it up and make sure the fans are working as well as check the CPU and Motherboard temps in the BIOS or via MBM or similar program.

If no issues there, change the power supply.

I hope this helps !
WistfulWhimsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I ran into this once with a system once after a customer suspected a lightning strike in their yard during a storm.

I opened the case and found that all the fans were working, so I assumed the power supply was bad.  I replaced the power supply and it did the same exact thing.  

What I finally did was remove all cables connected to the motherboard, and all cards in all slots, including the memory cards..  Then I reintalled them, basically just reseating them.  When I had the system all back together, I tried it and it worked fine, and does to this day.  My only guess was that the lightning caused a static buildup in one of the connections, and reseating everything in the computer discharged it.  

Not sure at all if this is your problem, but I thought it was worth mentioning.
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you can diagnose this problem by starting with the minimum connected, and then add devices, so start with mobo + cpu +1ram stick, video card + power supply --> no problem ? add devices 1 by 1; if Y, one of the connected is bad.
try swapping ram or PS
For me, I would suspect "Power Cable, Power Supply and the Motherboard" causing of this ..... Try replace the Power Cable then test for it, if the problems still occur, replace the power supply as sugested above, if finally the problems still occur, I will make the decision that the motherboard get the electrick shock (cause by the electrical storm) thus make the motherboard does not functioning correctly. Replace the motherboard is the final step to go after you try for every things........
Try running with the side panal off to see if it is getting too hot.  It is probably shutting down due to overheating.
Glad you resolved this.

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