Need more space in the C drive

I have a Windows 2000 server and I am having problems do the Windows updates. The problem is the disk is full on the C drive and I need help clearing some space. I a C drive a D and an E drive. The C drive is 3GB and is the D drive. I have one program installed other then the basic windows folders on the C drive and its full. The D drive has the same folders as the C drive without the folder of the program that I installed, and the D drive has 1.7gb free on it. The E drive has about 250 GB free and the data is stripped across four hard drives.

      My question is what can I do to free up some space on that C drive so I can just get the windows updates done and thats it? Why do I need everything again on the D drive as well?

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Probably you originally had a raid 1 system for the OS, which then got broken and now you are left with C and D. If your server is setup properly, there should not be any space problem. Uninstall software and install them to E. Make sure your pagefile on c only is 64MB large, so that minidumps can be made, and the rest of the pagefile should be elsewhere. Delete or move the \winnt\$NtUn...... folders (these are hidden folders). Those folders contain the old files which were updated by windowsupdates. They are only required to restore from a bad windowsupdate. If such an update has worked for some time they aren't required anymore. Empty the internet cache and empty your temp folders.
In diskmanagement give d a new drive letter. If that works and the server runs OK after that for some time, and your server includes a raid controller, then use that drive again to make your OS to raid 1 again.
Apart from moving the Page file you can delete $NtUninstall-------- Folders in windows . . . . Move the Programs Over to a Diffrent drive . . . Check for Crash Dumps if there Move/delete them . . . . Move the I386 folder if its there on C: Drive
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