SBS backup on new machine with OEM licence

on a business we have an Windows Small Business 2003 server with NTbackup. I heard when you're using NTbackup you can't restore the whole server without an fresh installation of a new SBS2003. Is this true?
We're looking for other backupsoftware. My first choice is Symantec Backup Exec for SBS, because Norton Ghost always works great and veritas and norton are now the same organisation.

My question; i made a backup of my first SBS2003 server and i want to restore it on a other new server. Do i have licence conflicts? The software of the primary server was preinstalled and i guess a OEM-licence. Would the standby server work?
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When the guy at MS said that you can't do what you described, my bet is that it was from a licensing perspective, not a technical one.
Technically you can do a lot more than licensing permits you to do.
If you want to know how to do a bare-metal SBS restore, that's really a separate question and you should post one in order to get the best responses. However, you may want to have a look at the following:
And for an interesting discussion, look at this question:
As you probably know, OEM software is tied to the hardware that it was sold with. If you use that license on separate hardware, you are indeed breaching your license terms. If you buy a separate retail license of SBS then you can use that on your new server and you'd be fine...


BTW, an easy way to tell if it is an OEM lic is to see if there's a COA sticker on the box itself...
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PeegmehhAuthor Commented:
Right, when i make a ghost with Symantec Backup Exec, will it work on the new machine?
can I set a new licence?

---Right, when i make a ghost with Symantec Backup Exec, will it work on the new machine?
Whether it works on a new server depends (technically) on a lot of factors, is it identical hardware?

As far as your question regarding licensing is concerned, you will need to have a separate license and from a technical standpoint you can change a product key, yes.

However, do not take this as gospel as it is possible that part of the hundred page long EULA says that you can't do that... I would get in touch with your local Microsoft licensing team and they'll answer that question definitively.
PeegmehhAuthor Commented:
On the same hardware it may be work i guess, but the machine is one or two years old. so the same hardware is no option.

I called microsoft before place this question. The helpdesk said me, you cant make a ghost of an OEM SBS server and recover it. But he cannot tell me at what point it wont work anymore. If the server starts and tell me to insert a new license key its ok by me. (in case of emergency restore)
He suggest me to buy a volume license key. When we do that a reinstall is necessary..not an option.

So this is what i do; Buy a new server with new OEM license. Continue backup with NTBackup and restore it on the new server in case of emergency. Alse i want to do a test how long it will take before the new server will be up and running.
Good idea?
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