Windows 2003Server hanging, info points to SQLSERVERAGENT


One of my clients servers is hanging every day or so and explorer.exe and other processes are shutting down. It is still possible to ping its NIC but it does not respond to any mouse, keyboard or remote control functions. Only the backgroud blue wallpaper is displayed when you look at the monitor.

Further investigation using the event log has given me clues to what is happening. It seems to be a problem with the SQLSERVERAGENT.

I have collated a number of screenshots to show what is happening:

The following 3 are the unexpected shutdown errors - all around 8:00pm at night:

The screen shot below shows the application log with a filter inplace removing all the 'information' entries:


Finally the link for the System log to show all the main errors that have happened:

If you look at the shutdown times then look at the application screenshot you will see that there is a link. The warnings regarding the SQLSERVERAGENT happen nearly every hour on thr hour and each time they stop at 7:00pm and the shutdowns happen at 8:00pm.

It is a new server with Windows Server 2003 with all the latest updates. Checked and there are no available updates from Microsoft update for server 2003 or SQL.

It has Mcafee anti-virus install and there is a full server backup using Acronis True Image that happens every night at 11:00pm.

Any help rgarding this would be much appreciated.


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Computer101Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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Actually, the first 3 screenshots all show that "the previous shutdown was unexpected". What happens here is that the Evenlog notices that the machine is coming back online, but that there is no 'previous shutdown' record to be found in the log. Meaning, the machine was hard-reset or hard-shutdown somewhere before 8:00.
Looking at the other screenshots, I don't see much other info that would point in me in this or such direction.

The warnings on SQLAgent are most likely NOT the cause of your error. It's probably a good idea to look into them, but if there's a warning that often without serious problems, why would they cause the machine to hang once in a while ??

IMHO you will have to look else where. To me it looks like the machine is hung do to some OS problem, I very much doubt sql-agent (or sql-server) would be the cause of this.
ocdteamAuthor Commented:
Just found this issue still open.

Issue was SQL. The company that installed it had setup multiple backups inside sql and two conflicted with times that they ran somehow causing server to freeze.

Thanks for input anyway
Strange, but good it's solved =)
ocdteamAuthor Commented:
Issue was SQL backups running at same time
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