Outlook 2000 - Mark sent items read - edit existing rule

I have been looking through the rules in Outlook 2000 and cannot see a way of editing the existing rule which or add a rule that says if message is sent to Racheal (for example) put in Racheal sent folder but mark as read. Currently all mails sent to Racheal are moved to Racheal sent folder but as unread.

This topic seemed to answer the question but spoke about 2003 and did not specify what the rule option is called:

Hope someone can help

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Greetings Damester !

To mark message as read, you can use the MarkRead option in Outlook 2000, run a VBA as posted in following note, or use a third party program.

Best wishes, war1
David LeeCommented:
Hi, Damester.

I don't understand the issue.  Items that go into Sent Items never appear as unread.  Outlook knows that you sent the item and that you must know the item's contents, hence no reason to show it as unread.  Why would you want to move messages sent to Racheal, presumeably not messages that Racheal sent and copied herself on, to Sent Items?  Sent Items is only intended to hold copies of items that Racheal sent to others.  If the answer is that Racheal is copying herself on messages she sends, then I have to ask why?  Outlook already keeps a copy of everything that's sent.  There is never any need for the author of a message to copy themself.  
In Outlook 2003 the rule is called Mark Item As Read. You will need to use two rules in Outlook 2000, first mark it read, second move it.
DamesterAuthor Commented:
The user is sending emails to Racheal and needs the sent email to be kept in a folder called "Racheal sent items" the rule created for this is moving the mails into this folder accordingly but it is also being marked as unread.

I have been though the rules and i cannot see a rule for "Mark Item As Read" it may be outlook 97 but I don't have access to PC at moe so cannot confirm. Are you able to give more detailed rules for both 97 and 2000?
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