Backup of 2TB of data -- Fire-Safe.

I have roughly 300 GB of current data that I backup fully once a week (to LTO Tape), and do incremental backups on the other days. Additionally, I have about 300 GB of inactive archive data that is still used occasionally.  It is backed up once a month to LTO tapes. The monthly tapes are kept off-site indefinitely.

Because our server drive space is limited, inactive data that has been backed up 3 times is erased or transferred to external USB drives located in our departments.  Data that has been transferred to the external drives is, naturally, no longer available to external employees using VPN.

We are thinking of using a 2TB SAN or NAS to put both current and archive data on, never erasing anything.

My problem with this is the backup time needed to backup 2TB of data. We use an LTO2 tape drive that could theoretically backup 2.4 TB.

It would probably run out of time to backup the data (only over the weekend).

I have read about the other possible solutions (mirror servers, for example), but then lose my ability to re-create data when catastrophic failure occurs (fire, earthquake, etc.).  Since both servers would be located here, the fire (for instance) would most likely ruin both systems.

Any ideas?

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andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you wait until the LTO4 comes out in august? 800GB per hour and it is read (not write) compatible with your LTO2s. Of course that is maximum assuming 2:1 compression but still, 400GBPH native out to be good enough as long as your NAS or storage server has enough spindles to feed the tape that fast. You can probably put one in your current library.

Since half your data is archive and half current I would get something that handles both SAS and SATA disks, SAN is overkill, cheap NAS won't give the performance. Something like HP's ML350G5 storage server would do, SAS model only gives about 1.5TB native but you can always add a SAS/SATA enclosure and you get the ease of use of Windows storage server so you know it supports backup software and you can even run anti-virus on it. No user licensing issues with WSS since it comes bundled with the product.
tomkeanAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the recommendation.

Since we just purchased the LTO2 drive in December '06, we won't be buying another soon.  The HP Storage Server seems to fill the bill.

Yup, we've got one in our London office for remote backup of critical data. Ignore the web price, it's invariably cheaper from a reseller.
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