dell inspiron bios issues

I've been getting a sparadoc "blue screen of death"; Page_Fault_in_NonPaged_area,

the screen mentions disabling the bios caching and shadowing functions.  How do I disable the caching and shadowing functions?
Mike JohnsonBusiness Inteligence DeveloperAsked:
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Could also be a problem with the swap file. Testing memory is #1, re-creating the swap file might be next move. Problems with the swap file can be hard drive-related, so a test of the HD could be worth a try.
Notebook BIOS's are often very general and don't have such options. Run memtest86+ first on the PC, if it shoes errors, remove your RAM modules and test only 1. Repeat with all slots. If this shows a module to be bad, replace it. If the slot shows as bad, then either get the notebook repaired by dell or use only the good slot. You'll find memtest86+ and many other tools on the UBCD.
With Dell pc, you can try reset bios using following:
- Turn On system and press F2 to get in bios page
- Turn ON all Cap Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll Lock
- Type in sequence ALT+E, ALT+F, and ALT+B

Try that see if it helps, if not you might do as Rindi suggestion.
Mike JohnsonBusiness Inteligence DeveloperAuthor Commented:
rindi.... I just installed new ram this weekend, taking it from 1GB to 2 GB.  It crashes when I'm trying to iinstall SQL Server 2005.  Before the memory upgrad... it would crash early in the install process.  Now with the upgrade to 2GB... it practically got all the way to the end before it crashed.  

The message says something about Page_Fault_in_NonPaged_Area.  The operating system did a "Stop" action.

The blue screen suggested that "some software" was in-appropriately installed, or "bios caching or shadowing" needs to be disabled.
Have you run memtest86+? It is one of the best RAM testing utilities there is. If it passes without errors, Your main memory system is likely to be OK. If it doesn't pass, something is wrong. Once you have done that and verified the RAM and sockets to be probably OK, there are further options we can try.
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