Need Help With The Correct Way to Configure Exchange 2007 Receive Connectors

Can someone PLEASE tell me how to configure the Exchange 2000 Receive connectors?  I just can't get my head around the, what seems to be simple, interface and security requirements to accept mail.

Let me explain the desired configuration, and maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

First, I have a SpammerTrap(tm) spam filter machine receiving all incoming mail.  No internet servers should be able to deliver directly to the Exchange 2007.

Next, I have Outlook users on the corporate LAN which need to be able to send and receive with the  Exchange 2007 server, preferably securely and should be able to submit mail to any domain and the mail server delivers using DNS, no smart host on the way out.

I would like to provide RPS over https to disconnected outlook clients, IMAP4 and POP/SMTP, and Outlook Web Access ONLY to users with active directory accounts, with the highest level of security possible.

I would like to provide an iPhone user with the ability to set up an Exchange account on said iPhone with highest level of security.

I have one host on the corporate network that must deliver SMTP to the Exchange server.  I can provide login information to submit to the mail server.  This is actually the one piece that right now does not work, and I cannot seem to find the right configuration to allow it to send....

I currently have three receive connectors defined.  One is called Client JHAMAIL, one called Default JHAMAIL and one called IMAP.

Port 25
Network - (LAN)
Authentication - Basic Only
Permission Groups - Anonymous Users, Exchange Users

Port 25
Authentication- TLS, Basic
Permission Groups - Anonymous Users, Exchange Users, Exchange Servers, Legacy Exchange Servers

Ports 25, 587
Network -
Authentication - TLS, Basic with only after TLS
Permission Groups - Exchange Users

These configurations have been modified a million times, so they are not optimal, and I don't want to mess with (read: break) them until I can understand what's going on a little better.

Can someone give me a little insight as to the best way to configure these receive connectors?

Thank you!

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