Connecting to a Sybase ASA database using Ruby

I have Sybase ASA (10) installed locally on my Windows XP Pro machine.

I have followed the instructions on

My database.yml is as follows:
  adapter: sybaseanywhere
  username: dba
  password: sql
  host: localhost
  mode: ADO
  dsn: depot_development

But when i try to create a new scaffold i get the following error:
    OLE error code:800A0E7A in ADODB.Connection
      Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed.
    HRESULT error code:0x80020009
      Exception occurred.

Has anyone managed to have a Sybase ASA db running against Ruby?

Thanks,  Mike
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You probably does not have modified the ODBC setup that this database can be connected to via ODBC.
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