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Active Directory Sync Issues

I have two servers acting as DC's, Server 1 is the File and Print, Server 2 is an Exchange Server. (I inherited this setup, so please no lectures about DC on an Exchange Server). About three weeks ago the Exchange server crashed - forcing me to rebuild it from an image. After I re-imaged it I ran eseutil on the Exchange DBs and thought I was golden. Turns out Active Directory is screwed, and also come to find out running a DC Demote on the Exchange server is pretty much like walking a plank. So what can I do to get the AD databases syncing again.  Also I know this is going to sound barbaric but is there anyway to setup duplicate records on both AD databases until I can rebuild the machines (or whatever the ultimate solutions is) to get a user up and running with an exchange mailbox and shared resources?


Eric B
1 Solution
Set up a new Exchange server on a different machine, a workstation would do depending on the disk requirements, uninstall the original one. Then demote the failing DC, reinstall it and then reinstall Exchange on it
I would suspect the image is the problem if the image is an older one.  Much can change in a short period of time and if images are not up to date, then all bets are off.

I would think the reason you are using the image is because it has all your Exchange settings and configs.  

Do you have a good backup of your Exchange stores?

If so, I would blow away the DC, rebuild it and install Exchange and then do a recovery on the Exchange server.

You could possibly get AD to replicate again with your current crippled setup, but it is not an easy process.  You will need to possibly remove lingering objects as you possibly have lots of things in AD that are confused.  You can find a KB article here:

and the better of the two:

Are you getting anything in the Event Viewer?  If you could post some Event ID's it would help.
PberSolutions ArchitectCommented:
Further to the previous comments.  Don't use imaging software for backups of AD as it causes USN roll back problems.  It is completely unsupported by M$ and in a support situation, they probably won't even provide best effort.
See this: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/875495
It may help you with the issues you are having with AD.
The solution gose like this with me (I had same problem after image restore)
- remove AD from restored domain by using DCPROMO /forceremoval.
-remove the machine name from working AD/domains
-run DCPROMO on the restored domain "make sure your machine on the same working group"
- from options select as redundent domain and folllow the setps.. restart, give it a decent time to sync


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