Is there a GPO setting that will bypass the computer idle lock setting while a video or presentation is running
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Alan Huseyin KayahanCommented:
           Hi MrAllen
                 The settings you look for exist under Userv Configuration>Administrative templates>Control Panel>Display.

Alan Huseyin KayahanCommented:
         FYI, if you set the Screen Saver timeout policy to 0 seconds, screen saver, screen saver wont be started
i take it, you got something like me, work laptop, screensaver set by gpo on 15 mins and it locks your pc.
When going to display settings, screensaver options are greyed out.
Easiest way to bypass this is to edit registry and reboot without office network connection (AD)

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Control Panel\
this is where the screensaver settings are. you can set the secure option to 0, change the timeout time, and wheiter its active at all. (0 turns off)
reboot pc and make sure you do not have a connection to AD

presto, you are set, BUT depending on the GPO refresh policy, the old settings will return... only network admins can permanently remove it for you.

If you want to bypass it with the least amount of effort, make a registry file, make sure the video or presentation is local on the laptop, import the registry file, reboot without connection. and there is no screensaver. rebooting with connection will most likely put old settings back...
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