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Outlook 2007 suddenly showing markup language for hyperlinks?

This is very odd. I don't know if I hit a wrong key or what, but suddenly Outlook 2007 is showing my hyperlinks in my signature very strangely.

What used to show up as:

Now shows up as:
{HYPERLINK http://www.experts-exchange.com}

How do I switch it back?
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freshjuiceAuthor Commented:
Okay, I think I found the solution....AND ANOTHER PROBLEM!!!

I went to Editor Options...->Advanced->Display Options-> "Show field codes instead of their values and unchecked the box


I tried it again, set an email...no change.

Tried it again, saved an email...no change.
Is your message format set to HTML?
freshjuiceAuthor Commented:
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K, I am running outlook 07 and I am trying to duplicate the problem
I can't reproduce the error but you could try this.  Recreate your signature in word, then copy it into the signature field creator in Outlook.  I had an imagine being displayed oddly in mine and it worked to fix it...
freshjuiceAuthor Commented:
The problem is not with the signature. This is happening with ANY hyperlink displayed in an email I'm creating.

For instance, if I open an new email and type
and hit enter,
Outlook 2007 immediately changes it to:
{ HYPERLINK "http://www.yahoo.com" }

->The issue is with the "Show field codes instead of thier values" option being checked. That's what creates this to display.<-

------> MY PROBLEM is that I can't "uncheck" that option! No matter what I do, that option will always resest to checked.
Ok, then word is your default editor.  In word:

   1. Go to the Office icon in the upper left, and click "Word Options" at the bottom of this window.
   2. Click on the Advanced option on the left hand side and scroll down to the section titled Show Document Content.
   3. Uncheck the item titled Show field codes instead of their values and click OK.

This should make the change for word which will in turn make the change for Outlook.  Try it and let me know.
freshjuiceAuthor Commented:
I did as you suggested. Unfortunately that didn't work.

It's almost like that's a setting that's hard-wired into the registry... ???
freshjuiceAuthor Commented:
Heh .... okay , so I went back to try it again this morning, and now the setting will uncheck. ...... WEIRD.

Thanks for your help Brandon. Points to you
I had this same issue.  Unchecking the "show field codes" in Word 2007 as mentioned above didn't fix it and the same check box was NOT available in Outlook 2007 under editor options, advanced and display.  What ended up working for me was ALT-F9.    This toggles showing codes or not.  Somehow you've hit this key-combo by mistake and toggled.  Just turn it off.  Per Microsoft this is not a menu item you can find....
cnathanw - awesome.  that's the problem.
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