Computer will not recognise Hard Drive

I am trying to res erect a used H P, I got it with a bas power supply , replaced it & it started up.then I got a message that there was no operating system on the system. I purchased Windows 2000 Pro proceeded do do the install & got a notice that the system had no HARD DRIVE I cheeked & sure enough... so I replaced it with a used one, same results tried another , same results etc. I reset the BIOS to system defaults..

Now I have noticed that the first thing that flashes in the screen as I start it up is " COULDN't open the boot partition to check for a signature"
i AM SOMEWHAT NEW... & DO NOT KNOW WHERE TO GO NEXT...............................HELP
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
first, check if the disk is seen properly in the bios; if not, you may have to reset the bios with the jumper, or take out the battery for2 minutes - then check again.
IF it is still NOT seen in the bios, you can still try flashing the bios? or try another ide cable, or connect it to the other ide port. - if still nothing : bad disk, or bad mobo
if it is seen in the bios, and " COULDN't open the boot partition to check for a signature"  looks like it sees it, you can just delete all partitions on it, with a bootable win98SE  bootdisk, that contains fdisk :
then make 1 partition , format and install
Is you HD is detected in your BIOS?

if yes,    your trouble is maybe that the driver you need in the first step of your windows installation is missing.

There is 2 way to correct that:

use your recovery CD   or  

use nlite to create a new windows cd with your drivers:

I agree that it could e a driver issue if there is a  SCSI or RAID controller involved.

For an IDE drive it should not make any difference.

You could have a bad motherboard or IDE controller, cable issues or similar.

 would use a Linux bootable CD like Knoppix or even UBCD to see if the drive is recognized.

I hope this helps !
Using the word resurected doesnt steem any confidence either.  that usually entails age.

bad IDE and or cable, or both or just plain old keepsake favorite....bad motherboard.
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