Windows 2000 server security


I have a windows 200 Server installed on my Nas server.I want to protect the server from any one even the administrator from logging to the server.
Domain admin should also not be able to acces the server.Only one domain user should have permissions.
No one should be able to access through the console also.

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There is no way to protect the domain administrator/ administrators from logging in to this server locally through the policy manager..the reason is simple if some thing goes wrong in policy then atleast you can rectify it by using the domain administrator/ administrators user...

Probably u need some third party tool for this.
You can go to the local security policy and set who can and cannot log locally, remotely etc.
change the log on locally user and you are all set.
bsharathAuthor Commented:
In windows 2000 server.I have logon locally but the effective policy setting is disabled.
Even though i add the user who needs access only local policy settings can be editted.

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