McAfee E-mail Scan : Has detected unwanted e-mail message body

Every once in a while I get a virus in my Outlook email and McAfee catches it. The annoying part is that McAfee also puts a message in my inbox letting me know about the infected email, but the message it creates has no date. Therefore, it shows up at the bottom of my inbox which is extremely annoying. Is there a way to prevent McAfee from notifying me that it has cleaned a message? It would be nice if I could write a rule for it but it seems that McAfee works its magic after the rules are already done running. Thanks.
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Not entirely sure but the settings for my On Delivery Email Scanner has a check box under alerts named "Send alert mail to user". - is this checked on yours? (we have VirusScan Enterprise 8 installed)
rbichonAuthor Commented:
Actually it isn't. I was surprised by that since it is putting an email from McAfee in my Inbox anyway. The same thing is happening on every other installation on my network.
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