Setting up .Net Applications in IIS

I want to set up a website where all the pages are .net.  I defined a new website and pointed it to the folder that contains all the .net pages but I still have to right click on each folder, go under application setting and click create to create an application name before It will work.

Is there a way to specify globally that they all need to be .net applications?  

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pcsmitpraConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It seems you are using web.conifg in every directory. You should not use more than a we.config for one application dorectory. That will work for all sub directories. Also check if inheritance is available for permissions for .net.
scooter1977Author Commented:
well I double checked and I only have the one web.config at the root level with my default.aspx then all my other files are in subdirectories (for the different areas of the site) ie: and 

Where do I check the inheritance at?
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