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We have a Laserjet 4250 printer which has developed a hardware fault,  I have made users in that office print to a laserjet 4100 printer and configured our zeetafax software also to print to the 4100, however i have had a call from them informing me there are over 100 jobs in the queue of the 4250 and they are not getting there faxes, It seems that even though in zeetafax it clearly shows the 4100 printer as the printer to use its still sending them to the 4250 printer so i did the following

On the printer share ports tab for the 4250 i redirected it to the IP address of the 4100, then i installed the 4100 driver  but its printing out rubbish.

Any Ideas on how i can get these jobs printed off as i have had to pause it now to stop it printing them out as rubbsh as these are our sales orders.



P.S  is there a way i can copy all of the files that are in the print queue so if i try somthing and it doesnt work i can copy all the print jobs back into the queue and try again,
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craskinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i don't remember if win2k3 allows you to do this, but you may be able to drag files from 1 printer queue into another - maybe only macs do that :p. in any case, for your zeetafax issue, try using hp laserjet 4 drivers (just plain ol' laserjet drivers) and see if you still get rubbish.
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