Need a bandwidth limiting router

I work at a web company with ~15 other people and a relatively crappy internet connection (DSL & cable).  I'm looking for a software-based solution that will automatically cap traffic from users that are using it at, say, 80% of the line's capacity so that when people are uploading/etc the internet won't die for everyone else.

right now:
Person A starts uploading a file
Person B's connection drops to nothing

I want to make this so that person B doesn't notice anything unless he's also using a lot of traffic (uploading a file himself)
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That's easy, IPcop.

It's a stripped down Linux distro which will act as a router, proxy, firewall. It has an easy to use web-based admin console, and will also do QoS and traffic shaping which should cater for your needs.
If you're already running a nix gateway & don't want to change, you could look at htb

You want to have smart queue's to regulate your upload traffic.
You can do this with Linux and some GPL networksoftware, like iptables.

Take a look at this howto:
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