Exchange 2003 server and Forest prep

I have currenlty got a windows 2003 server with Exchange 2003 installed. this is the only exchange server on the network.
I am wanting to install a second exchange 2003 server on the network.

When looking at exchange installation is say the first exchange server you should run forrest prep
and any additional need to be domain preped only.

Q. How do I know if the existing server was forrest prepped on installation ?
Q. is there a way of finding out
Q. If not can I still install a second exchange server.

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There is no reason to run FORESTPREP and DOMAINPREP once the forest has exchange organisation meaning domain prep is already done.And, once you have a mailbox in the domain,meaning you have domainprep already done.
Any additional exchange server installation is starighforward with the CD and install option nothing else.
read this article
forestprep needs to be run only when you are installing the first exchange 2003 server
since you already have a 2003 server running, there is no need to run forestprep.
Q. How do I know if the existing server was forrest prepped on installation ?
A.You can check in the program files folder where exchange is installed for log file.Open the log file and find "forestprep"you will see something like this"Organiation is foreset prepped" meaning forest prep is already done.
Q.If not can I still install a second exchange server.
A.You can always install a second server in the same organisation for that you do not need either FORESTPREP or domainprep.
Forestprep=per AD forest
domainprep=per domain(not per exchange server)
ady_tdAuthor Commented:
So if I installed an Exchange server 2 years ago, and there is no indication in the logs that I run the Forest Prep switch on install.

How do I prep the current exchange server and any new ones ?

Or am I misunderstanding the reason for FOREST PREP , DOMIAN PREP . for exchange
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