terminal hookup on sunfire 280r

My usb dell terminal  goes blank when i connect it to the sunfire 280R. I am using usb sun mouse and usb sun keyboard. I installed the graphical card which  was removed from other similar kind of machine . Dell terminal is brand new and works fine on dell PC. I did check the mouse and keay board they work fine except when I hook all three ( terminla, mouse and Keyboard) to the sunfire 280R  I don't see any thing on the screen,.   Yes Yes I made it sure that all cables are properly attached and terminal is also on. I need to install solaris on this machine please help ASAP thanks
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yuzhConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you still want to use the Graphic card, plug the USB keyboard and USB mouse into the box, hold down Stop N when power up the
box (for a few seconds).

change the OBP to use screen and mouse (You can also do it
use Solaris command, login to the box:
eeprom "input-device=keyboard"
eeprom "output-device=screen"
and reboot

also have a look at

more information, please read the 280R manuals:
After installing the graphics card, did you issue the command 'reboot -- -r' so the OS would look for new devices?
SunFire 280R uses serial management interface only when there is no USB keyboard conneced during power-on. It may be more difficult setup graphical card then to install Solaris via serial.

So, attach your terminal to the serial management port (9600/8n1 mode), detach mouse and keyboard and power-on your server and perform Solaris installation.

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