CSS Drop downs with dynamic width sub-menus


i'm trying to create a drop down menu using CSS... well, not create one but tweak one of the fine ones already available....

the one i'm currently trying to work with can be found here... http://www.cssplay.co.uk/menus/simple_vertical.html

my problem is that in this menu system , and with an Adobe Spry menu system in DW CS3 which uses a similar <li> system to set up data, is that the sub-levels always seem to be of the same size... if the text in the menu overuns this size all kinds of weirdness start happening (eg it goes to 2 lines and covers the menu underneath etc)... i can provide examples if that would help...

so basically i'd like to find a CSS based dropdown menu where the data is in a nice to understand format (eg. HTML lists) but where the submenus' width expands according to the size of the text contained...

for reference the reason i need this is that i'd like to create a dynamic drop down which will take its info from a database... and you never know how much text is going to end up in one of these menus...


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There's one here,  List-Based Dhtml Menu.  I did not study it in depth, but I was able to add a really long menu item.  
Hello dog_star,

I do not know if it is 'deep' enough for your needs (& assuming you did not notice ti), there is a variable width css drop down menu at cssplay...


I hope this helps!


dog_starAuthor Commented:
well, i did miss that and it will come in handy in some sites i build, but i really need sub-menus too....

nice find though :)
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dog_starAuthor Commented:
thanks for the link trinzia but unfortunatly this appears to use a complex javascript for the data....

 what i need is something CSS based so the menu data is simply structured, within list items for example...
That one does use list items.
dog_starAuthor Commented:
trinzi, apologies, you are totally correct.... i was looking at the wrong menu (they really have a lot of menus there!)...

that looks just what i need... now to try it out to see if it does fit my needs....

thanks both for your help

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